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Evensongs in Lent

posted 19 Jan 2013, 10:38 by Sallie Butcher   [ updated 19 Jan 2013, 10:51 ]

Starting at 6pm at Little Witley Church for the six Sundays of Lent these Lent services will address what serving God is all about in the 21st century. These short, but thought-provoking, gatherings will be presented by some impressive speakers and will include a range of practical examples of ways to understand and serve God in this modern world.

Starting on Sunday 17th February, the Revd. Canon Peter Kerr will launch the programme with an address that will explore how serving God has changed over the centuries and how God serves us in today’s world.

On Sunday 24th February the service will be led by Sarah Brush. Sarah will focus on the importance of children, young people and women in serving God and will respond some emotive issues on this topic.

Week 3, on Sunday 3rd March the Revd. David Sherwin will look at the support and resources available to us to spread God’s Word. As a long-time active evangelist David will explain why prayer is important to all of us and how the Bible can help us understand what God expects of us.

The topic, ‘serving God though action’ takes place on Sunday 10th March. The speaker is Richard Hackett. Richard, based in Bromsgrove, is an active member of the Street Pastor scheme. This session will also include an overview of the Food Bank scheme.

Session 5 on Sunday 17th March will be jointly led by Rick Warner and Trevor Nott. Between them they will explore the structure and objectives of the authorised lay-ministry training scheme.

The final Lent gathering will be on Sunday 24th March (Palm Sunday) When the Lent sessions will be drawn to a close by the Revd. Canon Robert Jones. Entitled ‘Let’s stick together’, Robert will bring together the threads and seeds explored in the previous five sessions.