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posted 12 May 2012, 06:25 by David Male

Donations Update

Following the details that I put in the November 2008 parish magazine there has been a tremendous response. You will see below that Jennifer Burg-Howle did an amazing thing – not only did she leap out of a plane but in doing so she managed to raise over £700. Trevor and Muriel Nott asked guests at their recent party for donations and raised £660. The Great Witley and Abberley Cubs donated their share of the collection taken at Great Witley Carols - £57. A number of individuals made personal donations and the Tuesday coffee morning in Abberley Village Hall has also raised money. If you add all of these together we will be sending Kath over £1500 to spend on her various projects in Ethiopia. I imagine that most, if not all, of it will go towards the housing trust that she is setting up for female teenage orphans obliged to live on the streets. She thinks that she will need about £10,000 before she returns home in September, to have the house completely set up. So, if there are any other valiant souls who would like to raise some money we now have a target and a deadline! Please get in touch if you have any good ideas.

The donations of money and items that we have been able to send to the Teacher Training College that Kath is working at have been much appreciated. The Principal has sent a wonderful “official” thank you letter, which is on show in the Kath Roper display in St Mary’s Church, Abberley.

Thank you so much to everyone that has and continues to support Kath in the very valuable work that she is doing; look out for the talks that Kath is planning to give when she returns in the autumn.

Sallie Butcher - March 2009
01299 896837